Service Benefits

The benefits of using Davitt Cleaning Services are many and varied.

With today’s stringent Health & Safety Laws, maintaining a healthy working environment has never been so important. We help you to meet these requirements, reducing your costs, and providing you with peace of mind. We work with you to ensure that the environment for the people who work in your company and those visiting is clean and pleasant.

By maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment, we help you:

  • Satisfy the law.
  • Create a pleasant workplace, encouraging quality and productivity.
  • Provide a safe workplace for your employees.
  • Sell your professional image to your customers.
  • Reduce the risk of contamination of your product.
  • Keep your premises free from pests, rodents, and insects.
  • Reduce your workplace maintenance costs.

It is clear that an improperly cleaned workplace is a threat to our safety and our comfort. It also places your companies image at risk. For these reasons we believe Professional Cleaning is an Essential Job.

The safety and security of your facility is of major importance to us. Just as employee training is an integral part of the continuing development of our employees, safety and security are always priority topics. Ongoing programs ensure that employees continually receive safety training and instruction to keep them current on any vital issues.

All employees of Davitt Cleaning Services are:

  • Trained in your safety and security procedures as well as our own.
  • Taught to avoid specific safety hazards and to proactively look for possible hazards.
  • Carefully screened to ensure that we utilize only those with the highest levels of integrity and work ethic.

We schedule our services and adapt to customer needs – leaving our clients to go about their core business activities. Davitt Cleaning Services provide a superior quality service, paying attention to detail, and we pledge our every effort to providing the equipment, materials and knowledge for the highest quality cleaning service.